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Data Center

Data Center

SAS70 Type II Certified Secure Data Center

Our backup servers are housed in a data center with over $30 million invested in making sure that your data is safe.



Two separate feeds from the energy company feed into the facility. Each power feed is routed through a separate bank of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units and backed by diesel generators. Dual Megawatt+ capable diesel generators with a four day fuel supply. Fuel contracts are in place to ensure that in the event an extended power outage the generators will be able to continue to receive a steady supply of fuel. Nine (9) Powerware UPS modules providing immediate power to your critical systems in the event of commercial power loss. Automatic transfer switches for all power sources to ensure smooth transitions to and from commercial power. Power is monitored by our professional, 24x7 on site NOC and backed by professional electricians on call. Full load tests on our critical power infrastructure are performed every month to ensure proper operation. Power is fully conditioned by the UPS units to ensure that the power delivered to your colocated or hosted equipment is clean and free of defects. This protects you from "brownouts" and surges that sometimes occur with standard commercial power and can cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment. Power is fully monitored by multiple power monitoring points down to the individual power circuit level. This allows our Data Center Operations and Network Operations Staff to monitor power flow, buss capacity and health of UPS units before an issue occurs. Individual power circuits are connected to intelligent power distribution systems that report usage back to a robust reporting system. This allows you to get reporting on your power usage and address any power consumption issues before it becomes costly.



Our facilities are built with redundant cooling and humidification units. Our cooling systems are separated into two systems. The first system, which provides cooling to our colocation facilities, includes ten (10) 26-ton Stulz air-handling units (AHUs) which provide N+1 redundancy. Six (6) DataAire Aire Flow and one (1) Leibert AHU power the second cooling system that provides cooling to the second cooling system, which supplies our managed hosting environment. Humidification is handled by a series of ultrasonic humidification units. Ultrasonic humidification provides an efficient method for evenly distributing humidity throughout the data center. In addition to the equipment we have put in place, we have a highly engineered airflow structure in place that forces cool air through the front of your equipment and reclaim the heated air as it exits. This is done with strict adherence to “hot” and “cold” isles within the data center.

Fire Detection and Suppression and Environmental Monitoring

fire protection

Ensuring that the data center is protected from fire is vital to the security of your business. The data center uses a multi-zoned above and below detection system. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors any alarms internally and externally by a third party. In the event of a fire, the fire suppression system is a dry pipe, pre-action system that will not pressurize until at least two (2) monitors are triggered. Should the fire system be engaged, it will only disperse in a tightly localized area directly affected by the triggered monitors. The monitoring systems are constantly displayed within our NOC and are backed up by thorough, regular physical walkthroughs that are performed by NOC and facilities personnel. If trouble is detected, audible and visual alarms occur. NOC and facilities staff respond immediately to resolve any environmental situations.


Multi-homed bandwidth, with access to more than one internet carrier, can be the difference between near 100% uptime and an embarrassing (and expensive) outage. This is why we use a premium network - a blend of top IP carriers that are multi-homed to provide you with a stable, redundant solution. A multi-homed network gives your business the flexibility to withstand carrier outages or performance problems as you receive bandwidth over all three carriers automatically. The premium network is provided by default to all colocation and managed hosting customers. Current premium network carriers:

Network Carriers