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Sherpa Link, we carry your data

Offsite backup that's easy, reliable, secure and versatile.

The ultimate solution: Sherpa Link Backup

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Much safer than the old ways

Unlike conventional backup methods, your critical data is encrypted (128-bit!), compressed, and then uploaded to a REMOTE server via SSL, guaranteeing security. Sherpa Link Backup requires no hands on intervention, thus eliminating human error. The robust design guarantees an extremely high rate of successful restoration.

Do more while spending less

Using Sherpa Link Backup actually lowers your backup costs. No more tapes, tape drives, head cleaners, or licensing to finance. Because your data is securely backed up to offsite servers, it is protected from fire, vandalism, terrorist attacks, war, natural disasters, etc. Recovering lost data is easier, more reliable, and less expensive as well.

Easy to manage

Sherpa Link Backup is extremely easy to use, and no special technical knowledge or training is required. Anyone with basic computer literacy will be able to manage it. Installation is easy to follow with wizard guidance and intuitive user interface.

Proven technology

Sherpa Link Backup is a proven solution, with more than 500,000 deployments worldwide. We offer secure, encrypted protection of your critical data, leaving you with peace of mind.

Faster Restores with Sherpa Link DataPack

Do you have a lot of data? Or a lot of computers to backup? The Sherpa Link DataPack is for larger jobs requiring faster recovery. With Sherpa Link DataPack , we provide you with your own onsite backup device for faster and more reliable backups and restores. Your data is then replicated offsite to our data center.